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To Our Customers:

The types and availability of lining papers have changed. Some of these are nonwovens, some are chemical pulp, some are recycled paper, and some have polymer reinforcement to help them trim better. Confused yet? Our advice is to fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Our committment to our customers is that we will continue to offer only the best liners. By “best” we mean: cost-effective, highly absorbent, 100% papers that contain minimal additives.

For more information about how liners work and why they are important, see our FAQ’s on the sidebar ———>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We have good supplies of AF-20, AF-40, and WS-30. Here are capsule definitions:

- WS-30 is our workhorse paper designed for everyday lining paper needs - an economical 100% recycled paper liner. It has excellent absorbency, expands about 1% and weighs 120 grams per square meter (gsm). It's thick enough to soften a wall yet thin enough to handle easily on the table or pasting machine. WS-30 has no nonwoven content such as rayon or polyester, and minimal additives for wet strength. WS-30 requires sharp cutting tools.

- AF-20 and AF-40 are our long-time favorite acid free lining papers. The 20" width is convenient for small stairways and small rooms (and small paperhangers); the 20” width is also convenient for small table set-ups. This same acid free paper is also available in the regular 40" width. AF-20 and AF-40 are rag-based papers certified to be acid free by an independent testing lab (Integrated Paper Service). They have no nonwoven content. Acid free lining papers are appropriate whenever longevity is a factor: in historic houses or under very expensive wallpaper such as French or Chinese scenics.

Summing up:

WS-30, $7.45 per s/r. (discount of 10% for case of 48 s/r) 
AF-20 and AF-40, $16.45 per s/r. (discount of 10% on a case of 33 s/r)

Robert M. and Mary T. Kelly