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Paper-Hangings sells the following premium products, in any quantity, by mail order.

acidfree lining paper

This medium-weight lining paper is certified acid free (Integrated Paper Service) and should be used any time longevity is a goal. It is around 120 gsm (often written in the United Kingdom as "1200 grade"). This traditional rag paper expands about 1%; it is very porous and has no nonwoven content; more important, it will not break down due to acid deterioration over a normal decorating cycle and will support the integrity of the finish paper far into the future.

For paste: we recommend a slightly thinned-down premix clear. Clay is not recommended. Acid free liner is the preferred liner for installations in museums and historic homes; under reproduction wallpapers, antique wallpapers, vintage wallpaper from the early-twentieth century, and handmade papers; and any time a premium lining paper is appropriate, for example, under scenic wallpapers such as Chinese, Gracie, Zuber or de Gournay.

Acid free liner comes in a 20" width as well as a 40" width. Please order by single roll; all of our liners are packaged in triple-roll bolts, but are priced by the single roll. The 20" and the 40" widths have the same square footage per single roll (36) and are the same price per single roll.

For more details see our acid free FAQ page.

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Did you know that the original band-aid was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson, employee of Johnson & Johnson and the husband of Josephine Dickson? It seems that Josephine frequently cut and burned herself while cooking. Ouch!

Did you know that I only carry two types of band-aids in my tool box? One is the extra-long type that wraps many times ever so nicely and stays on all day. I also carry the fingertip/knuckle combo, because those parts of the hand suffer the most during the heat of battle! There are 20 band-aids per box, and the box goes for $6.99 — less than .35 each.

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blue blades

These blue blades are super sharp and made of sugical carbon steel. They are single edged and the blade thickness is # 9. We sell them by the box (100 blades) at $10.45 per box.

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Broadknife (10-inch "Hammer Head")

The best trimming device I have found in many decades of paperhanging! Firm yet flexible…and wide enough for long cuts. Fits easily in your back pocket — always with you.
This is the real deal, solidly constructed with brass hammer head base from Hyde Tools (Southbridge, Massachusetts). For the price of $29.95.

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Decorators Varnish (Dead Flat)

Decorators Varnish from Ronan’s is a water-based clear coating with UV protection which dries to a flat finish. For more tech information check the Protective Clearcoats category at

Decorators Varnish is great for problem-solving! It can straighten out many sheen issues caused by uneven production, burnished seams, or trapped adhesive. It's not intended as a waterproof coating, for example as a backsplash or near sinks that get a lot of use. For that purpose, a gloss or semigloss may be better. However, Decorator's Varnish is ideal when a monolithic top coating is needed that is non-reflective. Decorators Varnish is sold by the quart at $26.45 per quart.

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Gaffer's Tape

What is a "gaffer" you may ask? A gaffer is not a best boy nor a key grip. A gaffer is usually the head electrician working behind the scenes on movie sets, rock concerts, and so on. A gaffer needs multiple rolls of heavy tape to secure wires, leads, and cables.

Gaffer's Tape is a cloth-based tape with great tack, but little to no residue, so drop cloths can easily and safely be taped together together. The drop cloths stay put and when it's time to move on, the tape comes off with ease. Size of the roll is 2” x 55 yd., and the price is $16.45 per roll.

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Mary's Magnets

Original watercolor/pen paintings by Mary T. Kelly! These refrigerator magnets feature unique watercolor/pen inserts on thick rag paper - no two are alike! They come in two sizes: the small ones are 2 inches x 2 inches, and the large ones are 3 inches x 3 inches. The images on our web site are representative only, just to show the general style. Your watercolor magnet will be unique.

Why magnets? These are extremely useful and fun, as well as pleasantly good-looking! Use them to keep your stuff in plain sight: shopping lists, photos of loved ones, travel souvenirs, inspirational slogans, recycling reminders, and let’s not forget bills! Having one of Mary’s Magnets won’t help you pay your bills. But, you’ll feel better about looking at them! These magnets could also make a nice gift for your favorite customers on special occasions - after a major job, or over the holidays.

The cost of the small ones is $10 and the cost of the large ones is $15. We offer a price break of 10% on quantities of six or more.

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oil of cloves

Oil of cloves can be a paste additive with minor disinfecting qualities, but the main use is to freshen up your work site after a few days on the job. Sprinkle a few drops on your drop cloths and the area is instantly scented with a warm, spicy aroma.

Pricing: $9.95 per bottle containing one fluid ounce of essential oil.

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paperhanger's canvas and tacks

We offer traditional "paperhanger's canvas" for shiplap and wood plank walls. Despite the name, this is NOT a canvas but it’s also NOT cheesecloth! There are many cotton products out there, but most are not suitable for traditional canvassing. This one is. The cost is .42 cents per sq. ft. for amounts up to 4,500 sq. ft., and .27 cents per sq. ft. for amounts over 4,500 sq. ft. We also sell #4 Upholsterer's Cut Tacks, Blued and Sterilized, in one pound boxes.

There are about 1,000 tacks per box and the cost is $16.50 per box..

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P-H Cellulose

P-H Cellulose is the archival form of methyl cellulose and produces a thick paste with excellent flow properties. It is often used in combination with wheat and is especially useful in pasting machines. It is best mixed the night before because it takes time for the cellulose granules to swell and take on water completely. A rule of thumb is to wait until it clears before use. P-H Cellulose has been successfully used with many pre-pasted papers but it has no surfactants or other additives and is not specified as a pre-paste activator.

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Terry Cloth Hand Towels:

After much searching, we've located what we believe to be the best hand towels around! These 12" x 12" soft white towels are the perfect size and have all the properties that paperhangers like: absorbency, balanced texture, and strength, at a reasonable cost.

We sell these in a 5-pack at $9.95 per pack. These bar towels have maximum absorbency and keep your hands dry and clean, as they should be. Best of all, they're so small, they fit into a pouch or apron easily, so they're always at hand!

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P-H Wheat

P-H Wheat is an archival, premium quality wheat paste that’s been pre-cooked. It's mixed on the job just like conventional wheat paste, using a cooking whisk or drill. Straining is usually necessary. A few capfuls of household bleach should be added to your mixture to guard against spoilage in the wet state.

The cost of a bag of wheat paste, 2 pounds, is $11.95. The cost of a bag of wheat paste, 4 pounds, is $19.50.

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Whitestock 30" width is an economical 100% paper made from recycled paper pulp. It has excellent absorbency, expands about 1% and weighs 120 grams per square meter (gsm). It's thick enough to soften a wall yet thin enough to handle easily. WS-30 has no nonwoven content such as rayon or polyester, and minimal additives for wet strength. WS-30 requires sharp cutting tools.

See our FAQ on Whitestock

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